Space planning

I absolutely love the challenge of making the best possible use of space. Maybe it partly comes from having spent months at a time living on a boat, where every inch counts! So when in January this year I was presented with a single storey cottage, that had grown like higgeldy, I relished the space […]


The Interior Designer’s Alternative Weekend

In theory, one of the advantages of self employment if you’re running a business that doesn’t require you to “man the shop” at specified hours, is the ability to pick and choose the times at which you work. Of course, I can only talk to suppliers between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, but much […]


Shades of light – an insight into lampshade design

At the recent London Design Week at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, one of the simplest displays was one of the most interesting.  Lighting company, Porta Romana www.portaromana.com had set up a series of identical lamp bases with identical light bulbs in them.  All the lampshades were the same size and shape.  So the only […]


My Top 5 Tips for Living with the Builders – Part 1 : Before they arrive

You’ve planned your building project, accepted the quotes and the builders are about to start.  But have you sorted out the more “domestic” side of coping with the disruption once the work starts?  I’ve lived through several renovations and built a new house from scratch, so here are my top five tips for preparing for […]


Awe-inspiring art and a great staircase at Tate Britain

“Oh look” said Graham, “that’s a painting of St Mawes!”  As we sail into the pretty harbour there on most summer weekends, we recognised the scene immediately.  But we were nowhere near home, just across the water from St Mawes in Cornwall; we were standing in central London! I love living in Cornwall, though contrary […]


Planning New Interior Design Projects

Are you planning a new interior design project in your house this spring?  Mooching over changing the paint colour in your bedroom? contemplating a new kitchen? or having grand plans to renovate a whole house?   Whatever it is you’d like to change, pulling some inspirational images together is a great way to start. Even […]


New Garden Design

For two long years we looked out on a desolate scene, the aftermath of our Grand Designs style house build. The house was everything we’d hoped for, and more; toasty warm, light, bright, sunny, spacious and delightfully economic to run. But by the time we moved in in late 2014, the piggy bank was looking […]


Barbara Hepworth in St Ives

BARBARA HEPWORTH IN ST IVES Hepworth’s early work was figurative, this piece being produced shortly after the birth of her son Paul in 1929 January isn’t my favourite month generally being too cold/dark/wet for my liking and with that nasty sting in the tail, the dreaded tax payment….. so this year I was determined to […]


January Resolutions

So as mid-January approaches, how are your resolutions for 2017 going? Whilst everyone else seems to concentrate on what they’re eating and how much exercise they’re taking, this year I’m focusing on my own home & interiors resolutions. As an interior designer, people often say that my own house must be “amazing” and it’s true […]


Celebration of craftsmanship

One aspect of London Design Week that caught my eye this year, was the celebration of craftsmanship. Spring is a season of such optimism and promise, with its longer days, bright green shoots of early growth and the prospect of shedding layers in warmer temperatures – I love it!  In the interiors  industry, the season is marked […]

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